Mistress Anja
Crushing fetish! Crushing a banana
Crushing fetish! Crushing a banana

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For my crushing fetishists, who love the sound of crushing things. So, turn up the volume of your speakers and listen to the sounds and imagine what I’m doing. You love the sight of my feet? You love the sound if something gets crushed? You like it when something gets smashed? You do not just want your brain crushed and your brain fucked. Food crush! I’m going to crush a banana with my feet until its mash. Does it feel like you are the banana, slave? Do you wish to be the banana that is crushed by my gentle feet? Or would you rather like to have a slave meal? You’re allowed to lick it from the floor. Hmm, why not. But before you are allowed to do so, you should think about how you get the feet of your mistress clean again. Foot fetish at its best combined with crushing. You can see my feet in some amazing close-ups together with the sound of the crushed banana. Of course, you can also see my nicely painted toe nails. You would love to change places with the banana, so I would crush you with my feet.