Mistress Anja


Welcome to the perfect place for submissive and financial slaves. I am Mistress Anja, a money mistress and a brat girl who loves to humiliate losers and slaves. You have the pleasure to admire my femdom and findom clips. I know you will love them all, just because I am the main actor of your fetish dreams.

You have always the permission to write a message to me.

But make sure you deserve my attention. As a good slave, you must introduce yourself. I want to know which fetishes you have and what kind of slave you are. I want good slaves like paypigs, chastity boys, wankers and other submissive losers. But of course you also can be my slave if you are not submissive and have other affections. Nevertheless, I’m sure you’ll love my fetish videos.

If you want to know more about me, visit my “Lady Anja” site. And now have fun and don’t be afraid to write me a message or chat with me when I am online.