Mistress Anja



Why should I register and is it free?

Because it will change your life! Joke ;) You need an account on Mistress-Anja.com to get my incredible fetish clips and write with me. The registration is free.

Can I get some notifications?

Yes, you can set some notifications in your profile for example getting a notification when I write to you (back) or if you want to get my newsletter.



How to buy and download a clip?

Choose the clips and add them to the shopping cart. After purchasing you can download the files in your profile by clicking on “Downloads”. You will find there all clips you have bought.

How long are my purchased videos available?

You have always access to all clips you have ever bought.

Can I also buy clips without adding a balance?

Yes. Choose your favorite clips and add them to the cart. You only buy those clips, without adding any balance.



How can I add a balance?

Click on “Add funds” and choose the amount you want to add. After that, you choose the payment method.

Which payment methods do I have?

You can pay with credit card, direct debit, wire transfer or coin payments like BitCoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and many more.

What can I do with my new added balance?

After purchasing, you can use your balance for clips, messages or live chat.


Live chat & Messages

How can I contact Mistress Lady Anja?

There are two ways to contact me: the message center and my live chat.

What is the difference between live chat and the message center?

You can use the message center, where you can always write a message to me, whenever you want. I will write back to you when I have read it as soon as possible. My live chat is good for continuous chatting (non-break conversations).

How can I see if the live chat is available?

When the text on my page says “ENTER CHAT NOW” my live chat is available. But you need a balance to enter it.


If you have another question or a problem, write an e-mail to info [at] mistress-anja.com.