Mistress Anja
Dangling high heels
Dangling high heels

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Custom clip! This is a high heel dangling clip. You may not believe it but even simple gestures like that are very erotic. And you can’t resist this charm my little slave. Especially after a long and exhausting day I love to relax my feet. Because there is not always a slave available for this job. I have crossed my legs and I am playing with my high heels. The high heels dangles with the stretching of my toes. You’re allowed to crawl under my table today and watch me play with my high heels. You can watch me slip out my heel until I’m only holding it with my toe and letting it dangle. You even get some close-up views of my feet. You will watch your mistress playing with her shoes and you will not disturb me. It is also a good method to keep you busy. During the fantastic dangling of the shoe you slowly lose your ability to think. Everything has its own charm. Even dangling.