Mistress Anja
Looks say more than…
Looks say more than…

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… a thousand words. Whereas others must deliver a speech I only need to look at you and your pathetic picture of a misery crawl in front of me. Just by looking into my eyes all my slaves know exactly what I want them to do next. Yes, the eyes are the mirror of the soul. If any of my slaves takes a closer look at my eyes he can clearly see that he is only a toy, a thing that I use for my amusement. But you can also see the future while looking into my eyes – a very painful, humiliating and agonizing future. But I can also interpret the looks of my slaves- well at least when they dare to look into my eyes. Some slaves are not allowed to see anything else but my feet. That is one of the laws all my slaves must obey. In this clip you can see my whole body, you’re even allowed to look at my amused eyes. Know you know even more what you are: my toy, my slave and my property. You can’t withstand me. I don’t have to give you any instructions to make you fall for me. All it takes is a look into my eyes. You just can’t help yourself but get on your knees and worship my feet in some elegant and sexy heels. Heels that every slave loves to clean with his tongue. And if this were not enough I’m wearing a sexy corsage that highlights the godlike shape of my body. You won’t dare to look at me because it will hurt that you can’t be with me and caress my divine feet. What are you waiting for? Admire your goddess in her corsage and her sexy heels.