Mistress Anja
Express Brainfuck! Now it‘s getting wet.
Express Brainfuck! Now it‘s getting wet.

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My body in a bikini and completely wet. Now your little slave dick is getting hard and I hope you watch this clip while you are at work, so everyone can see the bulge in your pants. Where are you going? To the toilet? Do you want to jerk off your dick? What will happen when you see the clip? When you see the first few pictures your pants are getting wet, am I right my little jerk boy? But today we are going to test your stamina and self-control. This time you won’t come that quickly. You will watch the full clip and you will enjoy it. Especially the under-water recordings cause your dick to twitch. The combination of my movements and the light under the water will be too much for your little brain. You instantly start to drool when you see the underwater play in this mystical environment. But can you do it, not to touch your cock? I’m going to tease your brain extremely until your brain is completely empty and until your fully under my control. Everything you think and do is to make me, your mistress Lady Anja happy. And that is what? Right! You give a present to your mistress. And that’s exactly what you will do after watching this clip. Maybe a new bikini? One that makes you drool even more? That would be a perfect thing after such an amazing clip. Let’s find out if you can keep your hands off for 2 minutes.