Mistress Anja
Ass addiction meets Brainfuck
Ass addiction meets Brainfuck

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You are so completely ass fixed that you forget everything around you when you admire my amazing ass. And when I show my amazing hip swing your loser brain gets fucked. You are not able to think clearly. Admire your goddess in a wet look bikini and get brain fucked. You can’t imagine a life without me. When you have never seen my hip swing before this will be your destruction. You will worship my ass, adore me and your slave dick will explode. Additional task: For my will-less slave I have a task: don’t touch your loser cock! You’re not allowed to touch it while watching the video for the first time and not during the second time. Only after you have watched it twice you’re allowed to. It will be hard for you. Of course, my chastity slaves can watch too but for those it’s going to be even harder because the chastity cage might get a little tight. Tight and painful. But for this view you would do everything possible, right? No talk in this video! Only the silent movements of your goddess!