Mistress Anja
Brainfuck extreme: oily body
Brainfuck extreme: oily body

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This clip shows my awesome body nicely oiled – perfect for an extreme brainfuck! It’s time for you to get some horny thoughts. But that’s not a problem at all with this video. My awesome body gets completely oiled from head to toe. My skin is shiny, and you get to see a few close-ups. I know exactly what you’re thinking while watching this perfectly done clip. Of course, you would love to be the one who oils my body. Or even better the oil that gets applied on my skin to be even closer. I have some bad news for you: My slaves are not allowed to touch me. But I’m going to fuck you – no, not with my strap-on – but I’m going to fuck your brain. It will feel like I’m spitting into your head and shake it all up. After that you won’t be able to think clear. You’re totally under my control and you can’t escape. Everything I do and say while I’m moving my oiled body goes straight to your head and you can’t resist me. This video is the total brainfuck for my pathetic slaves. Do you think your little dick can handle that? How about a bet for your little slave soul that you can’t watch it without cumming? This clip will be the reason for your sleepless nights!