Mistress Anja
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Now it’s time for you to get ignored! Now even on video. You can watch me laying on my couch being interested in everything except for you. Do you know why? Because you are a slave. I’m just not interested in you. I don’t care for your needs. You have to wait and fulfil my wishes. You wished to be ignored and now you are being ignored. But you don’t even care because you just enjoy being close to me. Admire me. My legs, covered in this shiny nylon. The short wet look dress I’m wearing satisfies you. You get incredible horny just watching my body moving in this dress, right? EVERYTHING is more interesting than you! So, I’m just playing around with my mobile phone. You sit there starring at your goddess and you don’t dare to watch away. She might need something. But even standing there and waiting satisfies you. Just watching me and enjoying my sight. The only thing you are good for is to serve your mistress. You only care for my nylon legs and nylon feet, right? That turns you on slave. The sight of my legs and my body makes you crazy. The look of my nylon covered legs makes you horny. That’s what you have been waiting for slave. A moment alone with your goddess. Even if she ignores you. Everything is more interesting than you.