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Written on 10.08.2020 at 14:45 by Blog - Lady Anja
I bought an 1 mio. Euro estate! Yesssssss!
I like to be the owner of you, your thoughts and now I am overjoyed to announce that I have now also become the owner of a chic, spacious property! The years of search have now come to an end, which will be the beginning for you! Why? I wouldn't be the cheeky Lady Anja if I didn't get you to share in the cost of my luxury!
My house costs 1.15 million euros! Shocked? No of course not! After all, the brazen lady doesn't want to live in a shabby apartment like you, loser! Now here comes my boldest crowdfunding pot ever! Will we ever make that amount? It will take time, but I think so!
Just see this as part of your monthly fixed costs: You can put a sum X into the "Pay for my 1 Million Estate" pot every month to pay for my property piece by piece. Is that bold? Yes, but great!
If you want to see how much has already been paid, click here "Pay for my Estate - Crowdfunding"
Blog - Lady Anja
Written on 03.06.2020 at 10:48 by Blog - Lady Anja

Hello my puppet! I have good news for you! On Sunday June 21st at 9 pm (German time) I'm going to destroy your loser brain for 45 minutes - for only 50 Coins (Dollars). A lot of luxury for little money. You would be stupid if you did not take advantage of this offer!!

You will worship me in my sexy latex outfit! I'll tell you what you can and can't do, my addict!

Get your ticket now, loser! We both know this will be the hottest 45 minutes of your miserable loser life! Just click on https://HerrinAnja.com and buy this exclusive ticket!

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Written on 19.05.2020 at 13:37 by Blog - Lady Anja

I also do custom clips and pictures. Write me, what you want to see, to hear from me or which outfit do you prefer. I will tell you, if it's possible or not.

But there are some things, I don't do in custom clips like:

- nude

- hurt myself

- illegal things


I always record custom clips solo. It's also better to write me your fantasy before ordering!


Pay to keep this clip exclusive

If you want that anyone should see this clip, pay to keep it exclusive. Otherwise, I would upload it to my website.

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Written on 16.04.2020 at 10:55 by Blog - Lady Anja

It's my birthday in exactly one week! Because this is an absolute day of honor for a loser like you, you will send me gifts and tributes!

Send tributes here: Tribute Site

My wishlist: https://spoil.lady-anja.com

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Written on 27.03.2020 at 11:49 by Blog - Lady Anja

You have the opportunity to chat with me for free! If a total of over $ 1,000 is topped up at Mistress-Anja.com until March 31, I'll be in live chat all day free on April 2. I will keep you up to date. Every charge counts from now on.

 The free chat day will only take place once the sum has been reached!


Update April 1: The goal has not been reached! You disappoint me. Still, I'm going to give a discount that day. Instead of $ 1.99, the live chat will only cost $ 0.99. You could have had it for free, but since you're too stupid and lazy, you didn't deserve it!