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Time to serve me, money slave

Written on 27.10.2022 at 13:24 by Blog - Lady Anja

Want to know what it's like to be a money slave? Look no further! You are lucky to have found me - the one and only Money Mistress. Here you will learn more about this kink and how you can live out your slave fantasies both online and in real life.

Become a money slave: Either online or in real life

I already have a lot of experience as a Money Mistress. Everybody who is part of the german-speaking FinDom-Community can confirm as much. I have been draining slaves' bankaccounts for many years. You will become my next money slave. Not tomorrow, but today. I will make you a perfect payslave. Whether that's online through chats or my livecam, through calls or with real-time sessions like cashmeets. There are many possibilities and no acceptable excuses.

Maybe you have searched the internet for some dominatrix or another. Maybe you tried your luck at personal ads, but you just didn't find what you were looking for. You should be careful with such ads in particular, because in many instances those women don't even exist. Fortunately, you no longer have to deal with that,  because now your search has come to an end. I am your mistress from now on. My pictures have already infected your brain, haven't they? 


These are your tasks

As my pay slave, your job is spoiling me financially. You may consider yourself lucky to be allowed to serve a Money Mistress like me. Your job as a money slave is to pay me, because I have earned this luxury. You must understand, that I am definitely not dependent on you. You are just another money slave who may beg for my attention and place his money at my feet. I am a dominant woman and luxury lady, who will increase her standard of living more and more thanks to payslaves like you. Is this gonna end in an addiction? Even if it does, it will be a very satisfying one.

You will regularly pay tributes and send me gifts. Do you get anything in return? Of course not. Where as my attention and my many pictures are pure luxury for you. You must be able to afford this luxury. Earn it, money slave!


Shopping, Dinner and Co - Pay my bills

Women love to shop and spend money. Of course, as a mistress, I do too. I always set up bills that my money slaves have to pay. These can be expenses like shopping trips, restaurant or beauty salon visits. As soon as they are reimbursed, they appear in a Whitelist. Of course, you'd love to anonymously display yourself there as well, wouldn't you? Go for it! Adopt a bill from your mistress today!

When I have planned a vacation, I create a vacation fund. Money is collected there until my well-deserved vacation has been paid for. Even more extreme, however, is my mortgage fund. Here my money slaves pay off my huge villa. Make yourself useful and make a deposit as well, slave.


You work your ass off for a paycheck, while I spend your money

You will go to work for me, so that your bank account is always well filled and I can buy many things. Making your mistress happy is your biggest goal! Work hard, money slave! I want your money, your stocks, your cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. I'll take everything from you and that's exactly what excites you so much, isn't it payslave ? I will fuck your wallet. This is exactly what you were looking for.



Here on my homepage you can get an overview of what you can experience as one of my payslaves. Of course, you will also see that I am real and that it's absolutely worth it going to work for me. I also do cashmeets or shopping trips with or without the moneyslave. Of course, you have to prove yourself first for this. Since you love this fetish and desperately want to fullfil it, this will not be a problem. Pull out the creditcard and let's get started, slave


Achieving sexual satisfaction as a money slave

You will notice, that in the future you will only get an erection by sending me regular tributes. It will make you horny to send me - the beautiful woman - your hard earned cash. And who knows, when I'm in a good mood, I might let you jerk off your slave cock as a reward. In that case you will experience the hottest explosion you've had so far, slave. Of course, you will always show your gratitude to the Dominatrix.

Familiarize yourself with nicknames such as ATM, Cashcunt, Paypig or Paybitch.  Because that is what you will be from now on. You will always call me by my first name and address me as mistress and dominatrix.


Your life as my paypig starts now

It is your destiny, money slave. Otherwise you would not have ended up here with me. Take the first step to becoming a money slave today - or better yet - right now and introduce yourself to me. For a tribute you can admire me on my livecam while you are on all fours. You will enjoy my webcam much more than my many incredible pictures. Of course, you will pay handsomely to view my livestreams, in which I tease you and rip you off. I'll drive you crazy, break your mind and make you incredibly horny. I'm going to get to your wallet via your brain. Today, the search for the meaning of your life has finally come to an end. You have found the one true woman.


Your encouragement: Findom Videos

You want to see how other money slaves have already managed to enjoy my treatment? Have a look at my money slave videos. I've got something for every taste: from cheap to extremely expensive.  Either you watch my solo clips, where I specifically address you or my IRL clips, where I train real money slaves in public and also expose them. Your next movie night is probably saved, right, Paypig? You can check out my countless clips in the video library.

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