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Written on 26.02.2020 at 09:46 by Blog - Lady Anja

New femdom audio files, my addict! Download them now and enjoy my sensual voice! Check it out here!

Blog - Lady Anja
Written on 24.02.2020 at 22:19 by Blog - Lady Anja

In March I will fly to Cape Verde to enjoy a wonderful vacation in a 5 star hotel. From 11.03. until 18.03. I'm not online as often as usual. Make sure you spend some tribute for my little journey! Use the tribute button to make your goddess happy!

If your tribute is high enough, I am definitely motivated to send you holiday pictures of me.

Your one and only Goddess Anja!

Blog - Lady Anja
Written on 06.02.2020 at 10:15 by Blog - Lady Anja

Have you already seen my slave tasks? Shame on you! You have to do my humiliating tasks, whenever you can. As my little pathetic wanker, you always would like to wank your loser dick. Use my tasks for wankers! Slaves in chastity need to do my chaste tasks. What are you thinking about? Start now! Click here to see all my tasks for slaves!

Blog - Lady Anja
Written on 22.01.2020 at 15:42 by Blog - Lady Anja

Maybe you know my fetish clips in German? Now it’s time to record some more English clips for my international fans. So, I look forward to showing you my new website. Here you will find all my English clips. Give me some feedback, about the website, my clips or whatever you would like to see. You must register a profile to be able to download my clips at any time. The registration is free.

Which clips will be available?

I am going to record some fetish clips which contain financial domination or female domination. That could be humiliation, blackmailing, spitting, jerk off instructions, cuckold, chastity games, foot fetish, crushing and some more. You also can write me your ideas, my addict.

What can you do here yet?

You can also chat with me if I’m online or write me a message. So, we can talk about my and your fetishes or start immediately with your slave training. Do not be fooled by my angel eyes. I can be very hard to my slaves. Tell me something about your likes and dislikes. Then I can consider it – maybe ;)

You want to be my slave? What can you do to be a good slave?

Doing everything I want is the most important thing. As a newbie it is always good to make a tribute to get my full attention. I know you will be become addicted very quickly.

If you have any questions or problems: write a message! 

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