Mistress Anja
Loserporn October: The vicious cycle
Loserporn October: The vicious cycle

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Another Loserporn clip that you will definitely enjoy, Loser. It is your destiny to serve me, to worship me daily and it is inevitable that you will take any trouble to offer the mistress a beautiful life. This is again an irresistible teasing clip. I wear a skin-tight mini dress, go up and down ... you already know, up and down, do not you, Loser? You are torn between your "real" life, which by the way would be worthless without me and life as a slave. It is a vicious cycle, because you want and have to serve me unconditionally ... physically, mentally and financially. You are in a hopeless situation, Loser. There will not be a way back to a normal life because you are and will remain my slave! So get your monthly loserporn now and pay the loser tax. A tax which every miserable loser of the mistress has to pay each month.