Mistress Anja
Loserporn for Locktober - Wanking or chastity?
Loserporn for Locktober - Wanking or chastity?

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Do you know Locktober? It’s the month when chaste slaves aren’t allowed to open their chastity belt. No matter if you are a chastity boy or not: You’re going to buy this loserporn just because for this incredible teasing and brainfucking. Furthermore, you have to watch it every single day! I wear my favorite fetish outfit: It’s like latex and very tight. I play with the zipper and that makes you very insane. This is a mesmerizing brainfuck for a loser like you. These lascivious moves, my ass and Cameltoe in these latex pants will make your horny cock explode! Especially it’s hard for chastity slaves when the cock hurts while watching this. No chance and no mercy! Are you a wanker or a chastity boy who wants to play a locktober game? Decide before you watch the video.