Mistress Anja
Fuck you! 22 scenes of pure contempt!
Fuck you! 22 scenes of pure contempt!

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It doesn’t require many words to show you what I think about you, loser! Here you get exactly 22 flip off scenes where you can feel my contempt. My always present middle finger shows you what an unimportant individual you are! I don’t miss any opportunity to show you my fuck finger. You can see that at the pool, while filming, while I am walking on the beach, chilling in bed or on a trip with the yacht. That you will love these great scenes, shows once again how pathetic your existence is. You need me and you don’t care how I treat you. The main thing is, you get some attention and reaction from me, right? So enjoy this kind of attention and be grateful that you get any attention from me. In your thoughts, you can kiss my middle finger, loser!