Mistress Anja
Blackmail Contract - Become my Blackmail slave
Blackmail Contract - Become my Blackmail slave

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You want to become my blackmail slave? You want to deliver yourself completely and risk something? Here I have the solution for all your problems while fulfilling all your wishes: My blackmail contract! With this blackmail contract you get everything you need and give me everything I need to surrender to you completely, to control you willingly and let your life be governed and determined by me! Because you will fill it in and give me all the information I need to keep you on a leash. Where I determine how long the leash is, on which you are guided. You will feel it and you will love it. The blackmail contract is one of the most extreme forms of online domination. Because you give me permission to use the data against you and use them accordingly. To use this as it is convenient and meaningful for me to make you little slave... with no restrictions imposed on me - except one: to torment and humiliate you. What I like to do. Now download my contract and diligently fill it out, blackmail slave. Do you dare or are you a hopeless loser again? Your one and only blackmail mistress!