Mistress Anja
Blackmail addiction – first contact
Blackmail addiction – first contact

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You want to become a blackmail slave and do not really dare to? You longing for this one kick without having a high risk? A risk for you and your personal information? Don’t be afraid, budding blackmail-piggy. This is your first contact with a blackmail mistress. I'm sure you'll like it and you'll take my orders. This is the beginning and by chance there are a lot of more videos that will be very interesting for you. So, what first. Well, teasing to get full control over your thinking and doing is what we start with. We begin with a very simple task that gives you the first kick. First, I’ll make you afraid and nervous as always when you see me! The feeling of powerlessness, but without a real risk. In and out of the blackmail madness. Dare it and become my blackmail slave!