Mistress Anja
Wet look dream
Wet look dream

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That’s it – your wet look dream! Well it may be your nightmare. Because after you’ve seen this clip you won’t be able to sleep anymore. The only thing you will be thinking about is jerking off and drooling. You’re now allowed to watch me in the sexiest wet look-leggings! These leggings would be enough to get you pathetic little slave down on your knees to pray and worship me. Worship the woman who is wearing those leggings. But you will not notice what kind of a goddess is stretching herself on the couch. If I would take off my bra decorated with chains, you would not be looking at my amazing breasts. For this clip you will need a bowl underneath your face because you won’t be able to stop drooling. But that’s not the worst… after watching the video you will have to put your tongue back into your mouth because it will be hanging on the ground.