Mistress Anja
Loserporn June: Your Wet Latex Dream
Loserporn June: Your Wet Latex Dream

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It's time for your special duty again: pay the loser tax, my addict! In this clip you’re allowed to see me in latex! I love it when skin-tight latex hugs my adorable body and the water pearls that run down my sexy curves. Your submissive cock is completely out of control at this sight. The brain-fucking movements, these divine breasts - that makes you drool. Every movement makes your heart beat faster and you are under my spell. You just watch the drops of water slide down my perfect body. You imagine that the drops are your hands or your tongue. The unattainable dreams of a loser - let yourself go and indulge in dreams. It will also get very wet in your pants, loser! Your loser dick is dripping and you can hardly hold back. This Loserporn makes you addicted again. You are becoming more and more my unwilling puppet, I have you where I always wanted you. I am your mistress and the only woman in your life, so be grateful for that loser! After this clip you will also need a shower!