Mistress Anja
Loserporn August: tanned luxury goddess
Loserporn August: tanned luxury goddess

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You have eagerly waited for the next loserporn to pay your loser tax to the mistress and fulfill your purpose. The time has come again, new month, new happiness - but we both know your greatest happiness, namely me! I am your mistress, your goddess and the fulfillment of your dreams. I am the only woman in your life and there is no better woman! You were born to serve me, to be my slave and property. I give you goals in your miserable life and show you the right way. The only right way is the one I give you, loser. You need the guidance of my hard and strict hand, meaning in life. Check out this clip. Your suntanned luxury goddess in her well deserved vacation, for which you paid. A luxury finca that does justice to a luxury mistress. Here it can be endured and you can gaze at me today in the whirlpool with the hottest view ever - yes that is nice in the background, but of course I mean addict cunt. You imagine how awesome it would be to drink the water in which my tanned hot body has bathed. You would drink every drop, just to be close to me. You don't need a vacation, you don't need luxury. The only thing you need is me! Your life as my obedient puppet will go on like this, day after day, month after month and year after year!