Mistress Anja
Ignoring You While I Primp
Ignoring You While I Primp

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You’re allowed to sit in the corner and watch me while I primp myself for my lover. What else should you do? Only real men can go out with me or touch me. You are just a beta male and a cuckold, that allowed to watch me and my perfect body. I’m wearing black underwear and put on my stockings and high heels. I know you would like to jerk off to this, Cuckold! You have my permission. After all, that’s the only kind of sex you will ever have. You will be my wanking puppet forever. I’m going to ignore you in this clip, but I show you what I think about you with my middle finger, Loser. Ignorance for beta males and hot dates for alphas – that’s it! Fortunately, you will hear something from me at the end of the clip. Be grateful.