Mistress Anja
Hot holiday insights
Hot holiday insights

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Exclusive insights of my vacation! Yes, it’s the best time of the year and I enjoy every single day of it. The most I like is to think about the slaves who must stay at home and go to work. But there is no other option for them because they must pay for my holiday. I’m walking topless at the beach! You would love to be there too, right? At this nice beach where I am tanning my gorgeous breasts and just enjoying the fact that my slaves are working for my well-earned vacation. You would love to be here with me? Forget it! Think of the division of labor: I'm enjoying my vacation, you must work! That’s a fair division because I have to think for two people. Because your little slave brain is overloaded with the easiest tasks you can imagine. But not your mistress. She grows with every challenge and tells you what to do. You love it when I tell you exactly what to do. BUT now you get some very private and amazing insights you must pay for. Don’t forget to thank me!