Mistress Anja
Addicted to findom! Money slavery for a lifetime
Addicted to findom! Money slavery for a lifetime

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Your thoughts are always about only one thing: How to make your adorable money-mistress happy? Day after day the same thoughts. You love being my money-slave. In this video you’ll be completely isolated and only concentrate on that moment, when you see me straightening myself up, you will be concentrated and enjoy seeing me on my bed, wearing sexy underwear, lolling and with a lot of bank notes. A normal sexlife is something you haven’t had for a very long time. You get your satisfaction by handing over your money, week after week or month after month. Handing it over to ME. A life with deprivation, without any luxury. Luxury is only for one person. For someone like me, a money-mistress. I enjoy life, sometimes paying a little bit of attention to you, when you once again are giving money to me. Duties that are essential for a money-slave like you. And why do you do this? Because you love it, you get horny and you get attention by a woman you adore. And this will be this way the rest of your life. You work, and I spend the money. Your money. You were born to be useful. You look into my eyes and you know, this is the right way. It feels good. Be proud to be my pay-slave and take always care for me also feeling good. I don’t talk in this clip. There are only snapshot you shall enjoy – being silent and with your opened wallet so I can exploit your addiction. I’m a money-mistress, so of course I love money like everyone else does. And I like it much more. What do you think how wet my slip got when shooting this video? Surrounded by so many notes, only with big values. All for your money-lady. So, make sure sending a tribute to me after watching this video so my slip will get even more wet. Maybe you’re a lucky guy and I’ll send it to you.