Mistress Anja
Pay for my 1 Mio. Estate!
Pay for my 1 Mio. Estate!

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Yes that's true! I bought an 1 mio. Euro estate! I like to be the owner of you, your thoughts and now I am overjoyed to announce that I have now also become the owner of a chic, spacious property! The years of search have now come to an end, which will be the beginning for you! Why? I wouldn't be the cheeky Lady Anja if I didn't get you to share in the cost of my luxury!


My house costs 1.15 million euros! Shocked? No of course not. After all, the brazen lady doesn't want to live in a shabby apartment like you, loser! Now here comes my boldest crowdfunding pot ever! Will we ever make that amount? It will take time, but I think so!


Just see this as part of your monthly fixed costs: You can put a sum X into the "Pay for my 1 million estate" pot every month to pay for my property piece by piece. Is that bold? Yes, but great!


If you want to see how much has already been paid, click here https://bit.ly/Pay-for-my-Estate There is the list of all my good slaves who paid for!